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Meeting Time



  • topics to discuss:
    • kde-4.6.x on f14 status
  • recent bugs:



kde-4.6.x for f14

  • rdieter has kde-4.6.x stack up through kdepimlibs built for dist-f14-kde target
    • jreznik to continue builds
  • rdieter to compose list of additional deps after meeting
  • nepomukcontroller in lost and found [1]

kdebase-workspace requires gpsd

  • tentative rejection (wontfix) of bug #684476 , pending any new information or feedback
    • the only reason are users that do not have any gps device, but gpsd+deps have a small footprint

gtk+3 theming

  • these are now filed for GTK+ 3 support

nm 0.9

  • contingency plan for f15/nm-0.9
    • reason: last time after freeze call for nm-0.9 update
    • no support in plasma-nm
      • especially missing system connections making port not an easy one
  • fallback to nm-applet as an option
    • no gtk+3 theming
    • keyring problems
    • really very bad UI (usability concerns)
  • NetworkManager08 is not an option (KDE and GNOME - even apps - mutually exclusive!)
  • we hope for common sense not to push it to F15
  • ltinkl playing with own nm code