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Meeting Time





kbluetooth + f14

  • kbluetooth is broken in F14 KDE 4.6.1 update due to missing Solid::Control Bluetooth Interface
  • AGREED: KDE-SIG agreed to replace KBluetooth by BlueDevil
  • Latest libbluedevil already in updates-testing
  • ACTION: jreznik to build bluedevil for F14 ASAP a push it separately from 4.6.2 as 4.6.1 is already in -stable

Akonadi/PIM-related regressions


  • 4.6.2 has been prereleased to packagers
  • ACTION: than and jreznik to work in rawhide update + f14 & f15 builds later

Bug: Unable to start graphical installer on RC1 KDE live image

Open discussion

  • Date does not look very well when desktop effects are enabled (black text on transparent panel -> black)
    • jreznik to take a look