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Meeting Time



  • topics to discuss:
    • Fedora 15 status
    • 4.6.3 status
    • bluedevil drags in pulseaudio. Is it really necessary? Can the dependency be split into a subpackage or a metapackage? There are people living a happy pulseaudio-free life.
  • recent bugs:



Fedora 15 status (jreznik, 15:06:49)

  • F15 deadline is very soon (jreznik, 15:13:38)
  • kde-plasma-nm is in a relatively good shape except VPN support ( (jreznik, 15:14:22)
  • nm-compat issues - not everything is implemented there, we have to hide some features in current snapshots (or use older ones + backport) (jreznik, 15:16:09)
  • we are going to use knm in F15 with documented known bugs and guide how to use nm-applet (jreznik, 15:24:16)
  • ACTION: jreznik to document VPN issues as known bug (jreznik, 15:26:41)

4.6.3 status (jreznik, 15:27:26)

  • AGREED: not to push 4.6.3 to F15, release it as 0-day update (jreznik, 15:40:25)
  • reasons are: kdeedu is still not yet ready, few days for testing and fixing possible regressions (jreznik, 15:40:49)
  • regarding Kevin_Kofler is going to go with upstream's menu structure as than suggested (jreznik, 15:47:15)

bluedevil drags in pulseaudio (jreznik, 15:48:18)

  • Bluedevils needs pulseaudio-module-bluetooth to support audio features correctly (jreznik, 16:03:27)
  • we consider creating -core subpackage with real functionality and bluedevil metapackage that pulls required packages (jreznik, 16:05:17)