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Meeting Time





kde-4.6.4 status

  • 4.6.4 update is ready, not yet queued, rdieter_work is preparing it for kde-testing repo too
  • ACTION: than to push update to testing


  • 4.6.80 is slowly prepared in rawhide, no splits right now
  • missing packages - kdeedu deps chain, kdegraphics, kdebindings
  • Kevin_Kofler rebuilt kdelibs for newer qt-webkit (kwebview crash)
  • when 4.6.80 is done, qt-4.8.0-tp will land rawhide too (probably with mass rebuild of 4.6.80)

Lohit fonts accidentally disable the bytecode interpreter for Qt patch

  • rdieter_work reported the lohit fonts bug to upstream
  • upstream asked for details and closed the bug meanwhile, rdieter to fill it again in case details are not accepted
  • ACTION: than to try to contact the responsible troll

kde-plasma-networkmanagement nm09 branch snapshots

  • rdieter_work reports nm snapshot works with wired auto-eth0, unencrypted wireless and wpa2 wireless
  • currently available in kde-unstable repo
  • ACTION: Kevin_Kofler to needinfo the bug to get more input and karma (especially those who are affected by crashes)


KHelpCenter docbook-styles-xsl saga