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Fedora KDE Plasma Desktop update policy

We are asking for exception to ship 1 4.x update in Fn release.


  • upstream release schedule - it's somewhere in the middle of Fedora release timeframe
  • 4.x.y is the only stable and supported version by upstream
    • it's not easy to backport bug fixes in a such complex codebase
  • users visible changes are slowing down quickly with higher 4.x releases

Our update process

Our update process is quite complex to assure quality of final -> stable push.

  • the new 4.x packages are built for Rawhide
  • packages are pushed to kde-unstable repository
  • input is requested from the first testers
  • bug tracker is created to collect 4.x bugs and known regressions
  • once most of bugs are fixed -> go/no-go meeting (kde sig meeting)
  • update is pushed to updates-testing repository (usually for a few weeks)
  • we closely tracking bugs and regressions - we have lot of testers
  • once most of bugs/criticals are fixed -> stable go/no-go meeting
  • final updates push