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== Communicate ==
== Communicate ==

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[edit] Live Upgrade Special Interest Group

Live upgrade SIG is a team of Fedora developers and users interested in making upgrades via yum work smoothly.

[edit] Mission

The purpose of this SIG is to make live upgrades a well tested and supported option within Fedora. This involves the following

  • Often test upgrading to the current development branch of one of the test releases from the last two general releases and send reports to the fedora-test list and file any bug reports to
  • Help track and fix packaging problems including lack of proper versioning (E-V-R), lack of proper obseletes etc that prevent smooth upgrades.
  • Help others in the Fedora community workaround or better yet fix any upgrade issues.
  • Document the live upgrade path and any issues including workarounds in the appropriate places.
  • Help convince the Fedora team to make live upgrades a well supported option.

[edit] Participants

[edit] Communicate

The mailing list is a good forum for Fedora live upgrade related discussions.

[edit] References