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Lua Special Interest Group


Bring the Lua scripting language and related software and packages into Fedora and integrate nicely into the base system.


Tim Niemueller
Michel Salim
João Felipe Santos


Currently packaged:

  • lua : Lua interpreter, compiler and library
  • luadoc : Documentation generator tool for Lua
  • tolua++ : Automatic wrapper generator for C/C++ code
  • lua-posix : POSIX library for Lua
  • lua-logging : Easy logging API for Lua
  • lua-sql : database access with Lua
  • lua-socket : networking with Lua
  • lua-filesystem : file system access functions
  • lua-sec : Lua binding for OpenSSL library

Currently awaiting review:

  • prosody : flexible communications server for Jabber/XMPP written in Lua (review has been accepted, waiting for lua-dbi to build)
  • datalog : A Lightweight Deductive Database using Datalog
  • lua-dbi : Database interface library for Lua


  • Find more people interested in Lua and get them involved
  • Identify interesting new packages to import into Fedora
  • Get more packagers


Lua : Main website for Lua.

Lua users wiki : Tons of good documentation, howtos, snippets and links to add-on packages.

Programming in Lua : First edition of the Lua book. Most is still relevant, a few things got changed though. It's worth buying and reading the second edition.

Lua reference manual : The Lua reference manual. Very handy, especially if you have it besides your laptop as a real book (really cheap!).

Spec files

In your spec file, you can compute the current directory for installing Lua source files with the following definitions.

%{!?luaver: %global luaver %(lua -e "print(string.sub(_VERSION, 5))")}
%global luapkgdir %{_datadir}/lua/%{luaver}

Now install Lua source files with:

install -m 644 LUA-SOURCE-FILES %{luapkgdir}