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== Packages waiting for your review ==
== Packages waiting for your review ==
more to come soon.
You can find them on the [[rhbug:ML-SIG|ML-SIG review-tracker]]. We'd be glad, if you'd take one or a few.  :)
== Existing packages ==
== Existing packages ==

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Machine Learning SIG

The Machine Learning SIG, aims to make Fedora the best platform for all things related to Machine Learning.

Machine Learning Packages

New packages

When submitting a new ml-related package for review, please add "Blocks: ML-SIG" to your review-request. After the review has been granted don't forget to remove it, when filing the SCM-request, please.

When you are filing your SCM-admin-request, you should make sure to request InitialCC for "ml-sig".


New Package SCM Request
Package Name: pkgname
Short Description: summary of package
Owners: foo bar
Branches: f18 f19 f20 el5 el6
InitialCC: ml-sig

Packages waiting for your review

You can find them on the ML-SIG review-tracker. We'd be glad, if you'd take one or a few.  :)

Existing packages

You can find the existing ml-related packages on the PkgDB.


more to come soon.

What are we going to do?

more to come soon.


There is no formal process for participating; joining the mailing list, hanging out on IRC, or participating in meetings are all fantastic ways to get involved.

Mailing list


We will likely hang out on at #fedora-ml. German members may want to come into #fedora-ml-de, too.

Haven't used IRC for communication before? More information on how to use IRC is available here.


We shall have them, and see how it goes.

more to come soon.