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[ Mono website] <BR>
[ Mono website] <BR>
[[Packaging/Mono| Building Mono packages]] <BR>
[[Packaging/Mono| Building Mono packages]] <BR>
[[Category:Packaging SIGs]]
[[Category:Language-specific SIGs]]

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Mono Special Interest Group


Brian Pepple
Paul Johnson
Sindre Pedersen Bjørdal
David Nielsen


To assist packagers in bringing Mono-related packages to Fedora Extras and assisting in their continued maintenance by providing timely reviews.

Mono packages awaiting review

jscall-sharp - javascript binding for gecko-sharp

muine-scrobbler - scrobbler for muine.

Mono packages already in Extras

These may be useful references for mono packagers

lat LDAP Administration Tool (review )
monodoc Mono documentation (review )

Getting reviews

When submitting a Mono package for review please attach gnomeuser at gmail dot com to CC and I will do the review - David


Mono website
Building Mono packages