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== Communication ==
== Communication ==
* [ Mailing List]  
* [ Mailing List]  
* #Fedora-Hams on the freenode IRC network
* {{fpchat|#Fedora-Hams}} on the
== References ==
== References ==

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If you are a NoSQL developer or a Fedora/RedHat/CentOS packager/maintainer who is interested in getting NoSQL related packages in the the Fedora package collection, add your name to the members section


[edit] Mission

Goal: To improve the Fedora collection by NoSQL-related adding packages.

[edit] Members

[edit] Important Links

[edit] Packages

[edit] Document store

[edit] BaseX

[edit] CouchBase

[edit] Apache CouchDB

[edit] eXist

[edit] Apache Jackrabbit

[edit] MongDB

[edit] Virtuoso

[edit] OrientDB

[edit] Sedna

[edit] Graph

[edit] Key–value store

[edit] Riak

[edit] Apache Cassandra

[edit] Hibari

[edit] Voldemort

[edit] GT.M

[edit] memcached

[edit] MemcacheDB

[edit] membase

[edit] Redis

[edit] Hazelcast

[edit] Ceph

[edit] LevelDB

[edit] Tarantool

[edit] Tokyo Cabinet

[edit] Berkeley DB

[edit] InfinityDB

[edit] Multivalue databases

[edit] Object database

[edit] RDF database

[edit] Tabular

[edit] Apache Accumulo

[edit] Apache HBase

[edit] Hypertable

[edit] Virtuoso

[edit] Mnesia

[edit] Tuple store

[edit] Tasks

  • Most important: work with upstream application developers to get more software updated for modern Linux distributions
  • Package and test applications
  • Submit packages for review
  • After packages are accepted in to Fedora, create a Fedora NoSQL SIG Spin

[edit] FAQ

[edit] Status

  • 2007/11/13: Start of the SIG page.
  • 2007/12/xx: Work on Packages and gauge community interest.
  • 2008/01/06: Start mailing list.
  • 2008/02/22: Formally announce the SIG.

[edit] Communication

[edit] References