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* [[User:apevec|Alan Pevec]]
* [[User:apevec|Alan Pevec]]
* [[User:mrunge|Matthias Runge]]
* [[User:mrunge|Matthias Runge]]
* [[User:jruzicka|Jakub Ružička]]
* SneckLifter (TODO: get his FAS account)
* SneckLifter (TODO: get his FAS account)

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OpenStack SIG

Mission statement

A SIG for people interested in maintaining OpenStack clients in Fedora. This includes the said clients, but also OpenStack Oslo libraries and dependencies. We will coordinate with RDO Project to sync packaging and collaborate with upstream developers to provide high-quality packages.


Getting involved

For the sake of not dividing efforts, packaging will be done in RDO Community, then synchronized to Fedora. We aim to ship latest OpenStack clients in Fedora. Packaging must and will respect Fedora Packaging guidelines, as RDO already does, packages will be reviewed in Fedora.

Scope of action

Packaging/Reviewing/Maintaining OpenStack packages

Mailing List

It is recommended to join both devel and the RDO list

IRC Channel

#rdo[?] on


The RDO team meets weekly at #rdo[?] on every Wednesday at 15:00 UTC. Check the agenda.

We also hold office hours for newcomers every tuesday from 13:30 UTC to 15:30 UTC, same channel. Check the list of easy fixes