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PowerManagement SIGs Meetings

Meetings of the PowerManagement SIG are held regularly.

In a meeting we normally discuss the work of the integration of PowerManagement into Fedora, discuss Bugs and talk about the development status. Due to the limited time we have each week deeper technical discussions should be held at a different time.

Time and Place

There will be informal PowerManagement SIG meetings every

  • Thursday at 15:00 UTC (Thursday 9:00am CST / 16:00 CET). Phil Knirsch

They are to be held in the #fedora-meeting channel on freenode .

Next meeting

2009-10-15 15:00 UTC

Meeting summaries


2009-07-09 2009-07-16 2009-07-23 2009-07-30

2009-08-13 2009-08-20 2009-08-27

2009-09-03 2009-09-10 2009-09-17 2009-09-24