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This is a catalogue of Python 2 and 3 patches and patch numbers for Fedora and RHEL. It does not include all patches. It serves two purposes:

Picking numbers for new patches

Patch numbers should match between all spec files (Python 2/3, Fedora/EL/SCL). Since not all patches appear in all specs, this is tricky to keep track of (and thus it was not always done). This global catalogue should help.

Note that the patch doesn't have to be exactly the same in each branch: there will be slight differences if the patch (e.g. due to different Python 2/3 differences). However, if the patch fixes the same issue, then it should have the same number across all branches.

If you can, use the same patch name and comment in the spec file, to improve diff output when comparing them.

Documenting status of the patches

Patches should primarily be documented in the spec files. However, for some information it's not practical to update all specs. An example is current upstreaming status: the spec comment should link to an upstream bug if one exists, but "volatile" notes can be put in this global catalogue.

The Patches

Patch No. Patch description Where Upstream status
252 Add executable option to command to make it work for entry_points Python 3, Python 2 in F26 (Reserved for now)
251 Set values of prefix and exec_prefix to /usr/local if executable is /usr/bin/python* Python 3 in F26 (Reserved for now)
250 Don't blow up on EL7 kernel (random generator) RHBZ#1410175 Python 3, python36, python35, python34 in F26 Reported upstream
249 Fix out of tree --with-dtrace builds Python 3 in F26 Reported upstream
248 Ensure gc tracking is off when invoking weakref callbacks Python34 in EPEL Fixed upstream
247 Patch to port the ssl and hashlib module to OpenSSL 1.1.0. Python 2 and Python 3 in F26 Fixed upstream
246 Backported the build-time check for the getrandom syscall from Python 3.5.2 Python 3 in F24
245 Skip stack overflow test on 64 bits python33
244 Skip SSL tests python33
243 Build properly on MIPS python3 in F25, F26
242 HTTPoxy CVE-2016-1000110 Everywhere Fixed upstream
241 CVE-2016-5636 python in F23, python3 in F23, F24, F25, F26, Python34 in EPEL7 Fixed upstream (a b)
240 Reserved for torsava EL [1]
239 OpenSSL - "dh key too small" EL (rh-python34-rhel-6) Fixed upstream
238 CVE-2016-5699 python3 in Fedora 23, python34 in EPEL7 Fixed upstream
237 CVE-2016-0772 Everywhere Fixed upstream
209 Fix test breakage with Pyexpat v2.2.0 Fedora Fixed upstream
208 (py3) Skip test that fails on ppc64 Python 3
207 (py3) Avoid incomplete _math.o with parallel builds Python 3 Closed upstream with different fix
206 (py3) Remove hf flag from arm triplet (Debianism) Python 3 Looks like this might be combined with patch 5001
205 (py3) configure: Make libpl respect lib64 Python 3
203 (py3) Disable tests requiring signals (due to Koji behavior) Python 3
201 (py3) Memleak fix Python 3 Upstreamed, fragment of the patch remains
200 (py3) Fix for gettext plural form headers Python 3
196 (py3) Test failure on ppc64le Python 3
194 (py3) Disable tests requiring SIGHUP (due to Koji bug) Python 3
189 (py3) Add Rewheel to ensurepip Python 3
188 Hashlib test patch Python 3 Looks removable
186 Don't raise from py_compile Python 3 Only a test remains in downstream patch
184 Fixes build of ctypes against libffi with multilib wrapper
180 Enable ppc64p7 As is, the patch is not appropriate upstream
178 Don't duplicate various FLAGS in sysconfig values Python 3 Reported, failed review
170 Nicer C-level asserts in garbage collector Python 3 Reported, work needed to address review comments
163 Skip test with intermittent failure
160 Skip tests that require new kernel
157 uid/gid handling, RHBZ#697470 Just some tests are still downstream-only
155 SELinux/httpd/ctypes workaround, RHBZ#814391
146 Fixes for FIPS mode Reported, stuck
143 Fix --with-tsc on ppc64 Reported, stuck
137 Skip distutils tests that fail in rpmbuild
132 unittest._skipInRpmBuild
111 Disable static libpython
103 lib64-sysconfig Python 2
102, 104 s./usr/lib./usr/lib64.
55 Systemtap support Reported, to be combined with DTrace, stalled
1 (py3) RPath Python 3
1 (py2) pydoc -g Python 2
0 Config Python 2