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Fedora Robotics Special Interest Group


Bring packages of open and free software related to robotics and educational software for robotics into Fedora and make Fedora fit to power (mobile) robots.



Next meeting: Not scheduled yet, watch the mailing list


  • Package Player/Stage/Gazebo (makghosh, timn)
  • Package CARMEN (timn)
  • Package NBC/NXT (jspaleta)
  • Find more interesting packages and interested packagers
  • Create Fedora robotics spin with Player/Stage/Gazebo simulated demo


Interesting software proposed for packaging

Packages waiting for someone to take over

These packages have been postponed for now due to insufficient man power.

  • MARIE (makghosh), no upstream release for a long time, wiki page vandalized, had commits this year though (timn)
  • Simbad (makghosh)
  • Paparazzi, Open UAVs (timn)

Pending review requests

  • Stage - 2D multiple-robot simulator

Accepted packages

  • Player - Cross-platform robot device interface and server
  • rcssserver3d - RoboCup Soccer Simulation Server 3D
  • rcssbase - Robocup 2D Soccer Simulation Base Library
  • rcssmonitor - RoboCup 2D Soccer Simulator Monitor
  • rcssserver - Robocup 2D Soccer Simulation Server
  • rcsslogplayer - RoboCup Soccer Simulator LogPlayer
  • MRPT - The Mobile Robot Programming Toolkit.
  • libkni3 - C++ library für the Katana robot arm

Packages decided not to package for now

If you want to get involved you could start investigating the code and maybe revive the upstream project! The postponed packages could be packaged later but the have a lower priority as decided by the SIG. (Probably) Won't package:

  • RobotFlow (makghosh), upstream looks dead for several years, probably not a good idea (timn), +1, so it goes down the list and maybe moved out if there is no further upstream (makghosh)


  • 2009/11/10, rmattes: Added some more projects to the proposed package list, removed Myro
  • 2009/10/17, timn: Added meeting minutes for 2009-10-15
  • 2009/10/12, timn: Scheduled next meeting, added link to Fawkes.
  • 2009/10/07, rmattes: Added IPC and Myro to list of interesting packages.
  • 2009/07/11, jlblanco: Added mrpt to list of robotics packages already accepted in Fedora.
  • 2008/10/04, Hedayat: Updating packages' status (rcssserver and rcsslogplayer)
  • 2008/09/12, Hedayat: Updating packages' status (as I know!)
  • 2008/06/18, timn: Third meeting, more packages up for review
  • 2008/05/22, timn: Second meeting. Decided that we focus on Player/Stage/Gazebo to get a demo up and running to attract more people, see for details
  • 2008/05/16, Hedayat: Added myself to the page and picked up Robocup Soccer Server packaging, added mailing list link
  • 2008/05/07, timn: First IRC meeting, player/stage/gazebo will be the first package project, see for log
  • 2008/05/03, timn: After discussion with JefSpaleta found the Fedora Robotics SIG.