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Fedora Robotics SIG Meeting Minutes 2008-05-21

Meeting Time


  • TimNiemueller (tim_n)
  • JefSpaleta (spoleeba)
  • ArindamGhosh (makghosh)
  • HedayatVatankhah (hedayat)


Add entries before the meeting. 1. Discuss packaging progress


  • Player/Stage/Gazebo gets top priority. The plan is to create a LiveCD that can run a demo off the CD and allows the user to influence the simulated robots behavior.
  • TimNiemueller and ArindamGhosh package Player, Tim will file a review request for the current state ASAP
  • ArindamGhosh packages Stage/Gazebo based on Player
  • 's intern will prepare the demo and investigate on extensibility of Player when installed as a system package
  • HedayatVatankhah is currently packaging !RoboCup 3D Soccer Server. Rpath issue was discussed. Review request to be filed, soon.
  • JefSpaleta is investigating the NXT kit he got. More i2c magic has to happen, yet.