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Fedora Robotics SIG Meeting Minutes 2009-10-15

Meeting Time


  • Tim Niemueller (timn)
  • Rich Mattes (jpgr87)
  • Toby Collett (tcollet)
  • Attilio Priolo (SickBoy)


  • Learn about and integrate new people, there have been quite a few new subscriptions to the mailing list
  • Player/Stage/Gazebo packaging
  • Fawkes inclusion and small "robotics game" to develop to get the user easily involved in a simulation environment
  • RoboCup Soccer Server demo apps (maybe available already?)
  • New software packages to include
  • Finally prepare for a LiveCD containing all the robot software with an easy to use simulation environment, especially as teaser
  • Documentation to get people started with robotics (and the LiveCD)
  • Toby Collet's distro coordination request


  • SIG member introduced to each other
  • Player upgrade to 3.0.0 imminent (updated by rmattes, will be pushed by timn)
  • rmattes will propose gearbox and Stage 3.2 for Fedora inclusion, needs sponsor
  • timn will push Fawkes once 0.4 is out
  • tcollet helps getting Player patches included upstream
  • focus on getting a Player/Stage/Fawkes simulation environment on a LiveCD, likely based on F-12 during the rest of the year.
  • try to get interactive demos to get the user involved with the simulation environment easily. Can be based on Fawkes' Lua-based behavior engine.
  • ultimate goal: attract more people with the LiveCD and provide a common ground for future advancements.