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Fedora Robotics SIG Meeting Minutes 2010-11-10

Meeting Time


  • Tim Niemueller (timn)
  • Rich Mattes (rmattes)
  • Hedayat Vatankhah (hedayat)


  • Package Reviews/Outstanding Tasks/Interesting Software
    • What else do we need for LiveCD
    • Re-evaluate Tasks list, focus on what we have manpower for
    • Re-evaluate Interesting Software list, see if there's still interest/projects are still alive
  • Tutorials/Documentation
    • Outlined on Demos page
    • Are our ideas realistic? Upstream-able?
  • LiveCD spin
    • Kickstart file
    • Size target (CD? DVD?)
    • Get in touch with Spins SIG?
    • F15 feature (can we pull it off in the next few months?)
  • Regular meeting schedule
    • Does it make sense? When is everyone available?
  • Blogging/Planet Fedora
    • Start fedora-robotics blog?
    • Blog more often individually about robotics stuff?
  • Wiki Page
    • Restructure Robotics wiki items
    • Screenshots of robotics software
    • Descriptive blurbs for software packages
      • What it is, what it's used for, why it makes Fedora awesome, etc.
  • Anything else: feel free to edit



  • do not focus on additional software to add for now
  • have linear ~5 level demo using Fawkes/Player/Stage
  • Afterwards present pointers to more in-depth information
  • Provide shortcut to pointers for advanced users
  • Make Robotics LiveCD a proper Spin
  • Make Robotics LiveCD a Fedora 15 Feature
  • Prepare spin (kickstart etc.) as we go
  • Have development files and IDE on spin
  • Blog more about robotics for Fedora Planet
  • no specific fedora-robotics blog
  • Restructure wiki, give pointers to software


  • Feature Page (timn)
  • Spin page (timn)
  • Package list on spin page (all)
  • Demo application (timn et al.)
  • Prepare advanced documentation overview (hedayat)
  • blog more (all)
  • featured package descriptions and screenshots (rmattes)
  • Restructure wiki page, possibly using boxes (rmattes)
  • Spin kickstart (postponed)