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The Fedora Robotics SIG plans to create a Robotics LiveCD. This spin will keep robotics developers in mind, but we'd also like to lower the barrier to entry for people interested in robotics who haven't developed any software or behaviors. To that end, we're developing demo programs to showcase some of the best features of the robotics packages that we've worked to incorporate into Fedora. Below is an outline of where we'd like to focus our efforts.

Demo Programs

For now, this is a list of ideas for demos we can include with the Robotics Spin


  • Use Player and Stage to create a series of tutorials
    • Drive robot to specific position
    • Write a program to get a robot to a specific position
    • Avoid obstacles
    • Make a robot "talk" as it navigates the environment
    • Grab a box and move it
  • Gazebo Driving Simulator using Playerjoy
  • Edit GUI programs (playerv, playernav, playervcr) to support starting without a running player server
    • Add connection dialog
    • Support libplayersd? Try to autodiscover localhost:6665 before falling back to connection dialog?
    • Create pretty icons


  • The 2D soccer simulation server does not come with any demos
  • The 3D soccer simulation server comes with a very basic demo which doesn't do anything interesting
  • For both, there are a set of released sources by teams participating in the competitions and some of them are under open source licenses. But are they usable as demos?! They can just play against another team (which can be themselves too). These teams are autonomous, so the user cannot interact with them at all.