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Ruby Special Interest Group

Application-x-ruby.png Ruby SIG
Ruby Special Interest Group

A SIG for people who are interested in improving the state of Ruby in Fedora. This includes packaging Ruby libraries and applications, setting and improving standards for packaging them as RPM's and maintaining Ruby packages for Fedora.

State of Affairs

Packaging Ruby libraries and applications for Fedora is still in its infancy, and only very few RPM's are available. We hope that this situation will improve dramatically over the next few months; that means that you, dear reader, can become a hero by packaging your favorite piece of Ruby code as an RPM and submitting it to Fedora .

Creating RPM's

The guidelines for building Ruby packages can be found on a separate page .

Oliver Andrich has created a specfile template for Ruby packages that is included in rpmdevtools 1.5 and later. Please start with this template when packaging Ruby code for Fedora.

Gems and RPM

Ruby has its own packaging format, gem, meant to be a cross-platform way to distribute Ruby software. Gems carry much of the metadata that RPM's carry, but not all of it, and because of their cross-platform nature violate the LSB. Gems that contain shared libraries also do not play nicely with multilib.

gem2rpm is now available as rubygem-gem2rpm, and obsoletes gem2spec.



Currently Open Ruby Package Review Bugs

The Ruby SIG also likes to get more Ruby packages into Fedora. The following are open review requests for ruby packages.


If you are interested in joining the SIG, just add yourself to this list

David Lutterkort
Oliver Andrich
Jeremy Hinegardner
Michael Stahnke
Conrad Meyer
Mike Danko