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* system-ready (plays when display manager starts)
* system-ready (plays when display manager starts)
* desktop-login
* desktop-login
* system-shutdown
* message-new-instant
* message-new-instant
* message-new-email
* message-new-email

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Goal: Create free sound themes for fedora, using only FOSS software available from the Fedora repositories.

About the SIG

The Need for Sound:

When we hear our door bell ring, we instantly decide on steps to take to answer it. Some may make a quick fix of their disorganized spaces to impress the guest, while that may serve as a wake-up alert for others distracted by a snooze. Some may opt to ignore it altogether. The fact is, sound helps us make decisions.

The Status:

Between February 12, and July 25, 2008, Marc-Andre Lureau and Lennart Poettering created the Sound Naming Specification. It was developed for and has been the basis for Sound themes in most Linux Distributions today. For many years, Fedora has shipped with four Sound Themes using this specification namely: Dark, Drip, Glass, and Sonar. These themes are outdated, boring and need overhauling to match the present standards/quality of fedora.

The Way Forward:

  1. Hold meetings at #fedora-sound IRC channel at to discuss issues concerning sound theme development.
    Presently, a date and time for the first meeting is not decided. You can help schedule this meeting by telling us when you can attend. Visit and fill out your free periods
  2. Nominate, and choose Sound theme Names.
    This should act as a guide for creating samples. For example, If a theme is titled 'Air', those creating event sounds for it will be better inspired on what tones to use and possibly create new tones where a suitable one doesn't exist. The naming will also serve as a guide to grouping existing samples into related themes. Hence, some samples in a theme called 'Nature' may be used in some events in the theme called 'Air'. After all, air is part of nature. This is going to be fun.
  3. Collaborate with Musicians and the guys at #fedora-audio (see also
    Those who are prolific with Open-source Music and Sound/Studio software are highly welcome. It will be more honouring for the Fedora and Linux community if our objectives are executed with free software only (no propriety tools and plug-ins please). The file entries will be either in .ogg or .flac format
  4. Test the entries, choose best ones, assemble theme and package it for fedora.
    We already have excited hands waiting to do this. You can join them too


Mailing list

We share a mailing list with the audio creation SIG.


Consider a vocalized version of a potential Fedora theme song (lossless). That could be expanded into a background music for fedora conferences/workshops and also form basis for computer event sounds e.g. Fedora-login-vocal-mock (lossless). Themes can be based on Genre, or timbre for example, woodwind theme with more emphasis on one instrument in that family e.g. Sax (lossless)

Current (specific) Theme Ideas

  • Vocal (see examples above)
  • Jazz (See Sax login sound above)
  • Classical


Each sound theme must have at least:

  1. A good system-ready sound. (plays when gdm starts)
  2. A good login sound. (plays at login)
  3. A good alert (dialog-error) and notification sounds.

By this exact order of priorities.

Themes must not contain:

  • Noticeable background noise
  • Speech of any kind

All themes must be created only with free and open source software available from the fedora repositories. When submitting a theme, it is important to list all software used for making the theme.

Themes should (but not necessarily) have:

  • Documentation (eg. musical notes)
  • Original recording in loseless format (flac)

List of important sounds

This is a list of important sounds. Those are the sounds that you hear most frequently:

  • system-ready (plays when display manager starts)
  • desktop-login
  • system-shutdown
  • message-new-instant
  • message-new-email
  • completion-sucess
  • power-plug
  • power-unplug
  • dialog-error
  • battery-low

Not every theme has to contain all those sounds though, we can simply inherit the missing sounds from the freedesktop theme.