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The Fedora Spins SIG is pleased to announce the availability of the following Fedora Spins.

These Spins have met technical requirements and been approved by Fedora Release Engineering for distribution through official Fedora channels.

Visit to see the entire list and download them through BitTorrent.

  • Fedora Electronics Lab (FEL) Spin: The FEL Spin allows electronics engineers, students, and hobbyists to work with the latest in free and open source circuit and component design and modeling applications. This Spin is available in a DVD-sized Live image for i386 and x86_64 architectures. It is based on the KDE4 desktop environment, and also offers a more mature EDA deployment. For more information, refer to and the flyer.
  • Fedora KDE Desktop: The KDE Spin features the very popular and configurable KDE4 desktop, with many new and exciting features for power users and administrators. This spin is available in a Live image for i386 and x86_64 architectures. (KDE is also available for installation from the standard Fedora 10 installation DVD). Brought to you by the Fedora-KDE SIG.
  • Fedora BrOffice Spin: Fedora will have for the first time the brand for the office suite. This spin is intended to be a Brazilian Portuguese localized spin that provides the legal brand for in Brazil. It will be based on Fedora Desktop Spin. Visit its Features wiki page at
  • Fedora Edu/Math Spin: An Educational spin tailored toward mathematics and scientific applications, created by the Fedora-EDU SIG.

For more information, or if you'd like to contribute to a new or existing Spin, visit the Spins SIG at