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Stewardship SIG

The goal of this SIG is to provide (temporary) maintenance of important packages that are in danger of being removed from the distribution.

This usually happens when the main maintainer of a package orphans it - be it for lack of interest, time, or resources - or decides to maintain the package as a module only, and to orphan and eventually retire the "normal" package. However, as this can have consequences for a large set of dependent packages (and users), this SIG would step in to take on (probably temporary) maintenance of important packages (hence the name "Stewardship").

For example, a large set of Java packages has been orphaned recently (because the old maintainer will only make them available as modules in the future). If the process for retiring orphaned packages after six weeks is followed in this case, major components of fedora would be torn down with them - for example, LibreOffice.

Essentially, this SIG / Group will step in to make sure that fedora (especially rawhide) doesn't blow up due to the unexpected retirement of important, but previously orphaned packages (and their dependencies).


This SIG is organized around the @stewardship-sig FAS group:

There also exists a private mailing list, which you are welcome to subscribe to:

If needed, we can also look into setting up (ir)regular IRC meetings.