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Meeting of 2008-04-02

14:00 < iWolf> Any one around for a Store SIG meeting?
14:01 < tw2113> i am available
14:01 < iWolf> cool, we'll see if more folks show up or not.
14:01 < iWolf> should be a short meeting regardless.
14:02 < tw2113> i'm just being a bum applying for a part time job and seeing how many 5 year old kids i could take in a fight
14:03 < iWolf> lol
14:03 < tw2113> <------for your wtf moment
14:03 < iWolf> how many 5 years olds are you to?
14:03 < EvilBob> tw2113: I know my number
14:03  * iWolf bets EvilBob has a high number
14:03 < EvilBob> tw2113: 1 girl
14:03 < tw2113> touche bob
14:04 < EvilBob> tw2113: but she will kill me on even a slightly off day
14:04 < EvilBob> the boys it would take about a dozen I think
14:04 < EvilBob> but they are only 2 and 3
14:05 < EvilBob> doing daycare is fun really
14:05 < tw2113> until the poo hits the diaper
14:05 < EvilBob> except for the whining and bathroom stuff
14:05 < iWolf> Okay, 5 after and have two folks!
14:06 < iWolf> So, uh - world's shortest meeting.
14:06 < EvilBob> <meeting>
14:06 < iWolf> I received my test shirt from and the quality was better than by a good margin.
14:06 < EvilBob> Cool
14:06 < iWolf> the colors of the logo were just a touch off, but only really noticeable when compared to a color accurate shirt.
14:06 < iWolf> jas
14:07 < tw2113> we could probably talk to them about the colors too
14:07 < iWolf> sorry, back.
14:07 < iWolf> i asked if they could make them off the CMYK values or not and they said no.
14:08 < iWolf> so i am going to ask the french folks if they just ran with it or what they did.
14:08 < iWolf> because they are currently using spreadshirt.
14:08 < tw2113> sounds like a good plan
14:08 < iWolf> it seems in order to get things printed fast, these places don't have much interest in CMYK values.
14:09 < tw2113> that sounds really odd
14:09 < tw2113> because printing is based on it
14:09 < iWolf> yeah, i may have just had a support person that was not fully knowledgeable.
14:09 < iWolf> which is why i want to check with the french ambassadors to see if they are doing anything different.
14:10 < iWolf> quality of the shirt and the printing was good though.
14:10 < axelilly> were the colors off to really be much of an issue?
14:10 < iWolf> and we can have a US based store and a UK based store for Europe to cover some of the bigger regions.
14:11 < iWolf> axelilly: to be honest, when i opened the box, i was really impressed.  then i compared it to anotehr screen printed shirt i have and saw they were off a bit.
14:11 < iWolf> whereas the cafepress shirt, i knew as soon as i opened it that it was wrong.
14:11 < iWolf> so, they weren't horribly off.
14:11 < EvilBob> You know after you wear and wash them a few times nothing will match
14:11 < iWolf> EvilBob: very true.
14:11 < axelilly> EvilBob: good point
14:12 < iWolf> and it was close enough it may not matter given the need to go with print on demand.
14:12 < EvilBob> Even the current shirts are not perfect
14:12 < axelilly> iWolf: I think it's a good sign that you were 'impressed' when you opened the box
14:12 < iWolf> so, i will see if the french ambassadors did anything different or if they are printing in the same manner i had the test shirt done.
14:13 < EvilBob> The current shirts are a hanes tagless, a nice shirt really
14:13  * axelilly checks to see if there is a tag upgrade
14:13 < tw2113> i have one from brandfuel somewhere here in my apartment
14:13 < iWolf> The spreadshirt one was a heavyweight tagless as well, so the shirt seemed to be of good quality.
14:13 < EvilBob> iWolf: +1
14:14 < iWolf> i don't have a brandfuel one to look at - mine are from a local shop who did a great job, and cafepress, a vendor Thomas Chung used and now spreadshirt.
14:14 < axelilly> iWolf: was there any price difference between spreadshirt and cafepress?
14:14 < iWolf> axelilly: they are both sort of pricey, with spreadshirt being about a $1 higher i think.
14:14  * EvilBob has seen both really nice and really bad stuff from cafepress
14:15 < axelilly> the additional $1 may be worth it for the quality reliability of the product.
14:15 < iWolf> my next step is going to be to bring Max back into the loop for additional feedback
14:15 < EvilBob> I think it might be
14:15 < iWolf> axelilly: yeah, the cafepress shirt was pretty bad.
14:15 < iWolf> the colors were obviously off and the printing was smudged.
14:15 < iWolf> i don't even consider them an option from what i saw on my test shirt.
14:16 < iWolf> in fact, i requested a refund from them - which on their behalf they were very cool about.
14:16 < EvilBob> iWolf: I will second that opinion
14:16 < tw2113> they probably get that a lot
14:16 -!- fabian_a []  has joined #fedora-mktg
14:16 < tw2113> depends on how prominent the refund link is on their website
14:16 < EvilBob> if it was bad lets just drop them
14:17 < iWolf> cafrepress does advertise they will do a 30 refund if you aren't satisfied.
14:17 < EvilBob> we don't want crappy product IMO
14:17 < EvilBob> even if they give a refund
14:17 < axelilly> EvilBob: +1
14:17 < iWolf> EvilBob: that's my thoughts, regardless of customer service we would rather people not be disappointed.14:17 < iWolf> though i haven't returned anything to spreadshirt, they have always answered my questions in under 24 hours.
14:17 < axelilly> yea, it's important to make Fedora look good with good product
14:18 < iWolf> i *wish* we could do a storefront with some inventory, as i think we could really get high quality stuff, but we aren't there yet.
14:18 < EvilBob> one step at a time
14:18 < iWolf> EvilBob: i agree.
14:18 -!- pingou [n=Pingou@fedora/pingou]  has joined #fedora-mktg
14:19 < axelilly> just to clarify for myself...all product will be 'on demand' at this point?
14:19 < iWolf> axelilly: all product for "end users" would be on demand.
14:19 < iWolf> for ambassadors who need items in bulk, we would refer them to the AmbassadorVendor page in the wiki.
14:19 < axelilly> ok
14:19 < iWolf> where we are trying to list places that have worked with us in the past.
14:20 < iWolf> bulk orders through the print on demand places are still much higher than from an actual print shop.
14:20 < iWolf> the goal is to have a store.fp.o page that points folks to the appropriate place and highlights some fo the products they could order.
14:21 < tw2113> i imagine no one has done a mockup yet for that
14:21 < iWolf> s/fo/of
14:21 < iWolf> tw2113: nope!  not yet.
14:21 < tw2113> mockups are a bit of a sore spot for me from a recent job interview
14:21 < tw2113> so i may end up taking that on just for some experience
14:21 < iWolf> i am hoping once we settle on a place, that we can get someone to step up on that.
14:22 < iWolf> :) i saw that in your blog and nearly posted a comment saying i knew a place you could get some mockup experience...
14:22  * axelilly is not very artistic
14:22  * iWolf is not artistic either
14:22 < iWolf> though i have threatened to do a mockup
14:22 < tw2113> yeah
14:23 < EvilBob> more autistic than artistic some days
14:23 < tw2113> i just put it down on my evolving "to do" list
14:23 < iWolf> tw2113: sounds good.
14:23 < axelilly> well, some times you gotta just do it
14:23 < iWolf> and that's where the Store SIG is at today.
14:23 < iWolf> slow, but steady progress.
14:23 < iWolf> anyone have any questions?
14:24 < axelilly> I do
14:24 < tw2113> what's the square root of 42 squared?
14:24 < axelilly> where will the money that the store generates go?
14:24 < pingou> 42 ?
14:24  * axelilly looks for his bank account number ;)
14:25 < iWolf> axelilly: it will all go back to the project in some fashion.  i don't think any of us are looking to make lots of money and will probably sell items at just enough to pay for any administrative fees.
14:25 < tw2113> the answer to life the universe and everything my friends
14:25 < iWolf> for example, spreadshirt will let you upgrade your store for more cusomizatio options.
14:25 < axelilly> yea, I figured there was some kind of account that holds fedora money some where
14:25 < EvilBob> I woudl think that if there is any profit we could/should use it to help off set expenses for supplies for ambassadors
14:26 < iWolf> axelilly: a lot of the money portion will be coordinated with Max.
14:26 < axelilly> sounds good
14:26 < iWolf> anybody else have a question before we wrap up?
14:26 < EvilBob> Not I
14:27 < axelilly> no
14:27 < tw2113> fin
14:27 < iWolf> and I think tw2113 answered his own question.
14:27 < iWolf> ;)
14:28 < tw2113> the question about "42" is how you can apply it to yourself
14:28 < iWolf> then we'll call it a meeting.  i will post the log to the list.
14:28 < iWolf> </Meeting>
14:28 < iWolf> thanks for attending and the feedback, much appreciated!