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Potential Distributors


--> Pros: they do ship to a large number of places, large range of products - including posters. Premium Shop option to customize the shop with a Fedora Look and Feel (see related con). Did have good customer service and return policy.

--> Cons: Some concerns about quality, Premium shop costs $60 USD a year. I (JeffreyTadlock) ordered a shirt and mug from last week. The mug was so-so, the shirt colors were not good at all when compared to a screen printed fedora shirt I had. There were also printing errors with alignment and smudging on the shirt for the front logo.

--> Pros: are apparently of better quality, I think they also do bulk orders too, there is a US store site and a EU store site. Quality is ok, and it is possible to improve it with flexo images. No inventory to do, nothing to manage once launched but get the cash at the end ot the order. Large possibilies to make original designs. Can have a multilingual store of 100$ a year.

--> Cons: They deliver to fewer places than CafePress(Shipping Chart ) from a single store, products available large (T-shirts, buttons, stickers, caps, strings, baby clothes, clocks, umbrellas, cups, lanyards, light bags). Prices are high (but seems they can be negotiated as some store have lower prices than and don't expect to make lots of profits from one product. T-Shirt designer is flash based.

  • REVELinux : Being investigated by MichaelBeckwith,

--> Pros: all of their profits go to FOSS projects, they have both US and European stores

--> Cons: products available are limited (T-shirts, buttons, stickers, caps). It's a spreadshirt store, by using spreadshirt directly a middleman could be cut out.

--> Pros: Screen printed products as opposed to direct-to-garment printing (supposedly a pro on T-shirt circles?)

--> Cons: Appears to want you to keep inventory of your items, not print them as they are needed.

--> Pros:

--> Cons: Uses Royal Mail for shipping, allow up to 21 days to receive product and additional time for international orders.