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Welcome to the Sway SIG! Sway is a tiling Wayland compositor similar to the i3 window manager.

The goal of this SIG is to package all components and dependencies of sway and to provide a good user experience for sway.

If you're interested in joining, please send a message to the public mailing list:

Participants (alphabetical order)

  • Aleksei Bavshin (alebastr)
  • Benjamin Lowry (blowry)
  • Dan Čermák (defolos)
  • Fabio Alessandro Locati (fale)
  • Stefano Figura (returntrip)
  • Timothée Floure (fnux)
  • Jan Pokorný (jpokorny)
  • Jeff Peeler (jpeeler)
  • Jan Staněk (jstanek)
  • Jack H. (onemorebyte)
  • Zachary Snyder (sadin)
  • Till Hofmann (thofmann)



under review