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This SIG focuses on problems related to Universities and education, that is onboarding students into utilizing free software.

There is a large disconnection between free software distributions and consumers at universities. Students, professors and upstream projects do not know how to or are not interested in making all projects play nicely with each other. We believe that role can - and should - be filled by the distribution, providing environments for courses and student projects.

A very common occurence is for courses to require specific software while the student never had used Linux or the language, ending up using the first available solution through an internet search.

Making Fedora a go-to decision in regards of educational purposes would help solving many problems in advance as universities tend to experiment with technologies.


There are many students in the Fedora community, some of them packaging software specific to their university or courses, promoting free software on their campus and - to some extend - acting as local Linux support for other students. Some of us met at Flock Budapest (Summer 2019) and decided to work together on making Fedora more accessible to students and courses.


  • Marcel Plch / dormouse / University of the Highlands and Islands
  • Timothée Floure / fnux / EPFL, Switzerland

Current State

  • Coordination tools
    • [X] Wiki page
    • [ ] Taiga board
    • [ ] Mailing list
    • [ ] Chat (IRC/Matrix/?)
  • Share with the Fedora community, find SIG members
  • Define a roadmap for the SIG