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* - NM-gnome dep bloat
* - NM-gnome dep bloat
* - Firefox language pack separation
* - Firefox language pack separation
* Should we disable Xfce tips on live cd or post installation?
** I think perhaps it would be better to make some more usefull tips and still include it. Its easy to disable - KevinFenzi
** For tips and tricks, how about re-vamping them to include things that are usefull? We could put: and possible some fedora related things like how to get help, or pointers to the docs, etc? I agree the current tips are not very usefull. - RahulSundaram
** +1, ether disable the tips or display something useful - ChristophWickert
* Enable Xfwm compositing by default?
** -1, still to buggy for me. E.g. sometimes you it cannot be turned of and still is active on the next logon - ChristophWickert
** -1, yeah, I agree... I don't use it here on any machines. - KevinFenzi
== Solved issues ==
== Solved issues ==

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Fedora Xfce Spin

This is an area to brainstorm progress of the Xfce spin of Fedora based on contributions from Xfce package maintainers, translators in Fedora and end users.


Fedora 8 Release Announcement


Solved issues

Rejected Ideas

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Fedora's Xfce SIG

The Xfce SIG (Special Interest Group) is a group of Fedora Xfce package maintainers , translators, artists and many others who contribute towards improve Xfce in Fedora.


The kickstart file is based on the one from Christoph Wickert and input from Xfce maintainer, Kevin Fenzi and several other Xfce contributors and users.

User switching

Should we include fast user switching? ATM the only possibility is to use fast-user-switcher-applet inside of xfce4-xfapplet-plugin, but this will pull in gnome-panel (I removed the dependency on gnome-applets in Rawhide recently). Another approach is to hack xfce4-session as Xubuntu does (as see at - ChristophWickert


For any comparisons: