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== Kickstart ==
== Kickstart ==
== TO DO ==
== TO DO ==

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[edit] Fedora Xfce Spin

This is an area to brainstorm progress of the Xfce spin of Fedora based on contributions from Xfce package maintainers, translators in Fedora and end users.

[edit] Kickstart

[edit] TO DO

  • Switch from Firefox to Midori as default web browser.
  • Drop GnomeBaker in favor of Xfburn.

[edit] Fedora's Xfce SIG

The Xfce SIG (Special Interest Group) is a group of Fedora Xfce package maintainers , translators, artists and many others who contribute towards improve Xfce in Fedora.

[edit] Credit

The kickstart file is based on the one from Christoph Wickert and input from Xfce maintainer, Kevin Fenzi and several other Xfce contributors and users.

[edit] Comments

Please direct all comments, suggestions, etc. to the discussion section of this wiki page.

[edit] References

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