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This is a preliminary evaluation by the Big Data SIG of the work required to get Apache Hbase into Fedora. This work has been done based upon the 0.96 branch building against the hadoop 2.0.5-alpha package in Fedora 20.

Issues To Be Resolved

Missing Java Dependencies

Jetty Version

HBase wants to use jetty 6. It will need to be ported to support the latest version of jetty in Fedora.

Tomcat Version

Hbase wants to use tomcat/jasper version 5.x. It will need to be ported to use the latest version of tomcat in Fedora.

Runs As a Webapp

Hbase runs as a webapp with its own configuration of tomcat. This is problematic since the shell scripts needed to run this type of configuration are not currently packaged in the Fedora version of tomcat. The bug bz990588 has been logged to get the tomcat scripts packaged.

It might also be possible to modify the installation of Hbase to run as a webapp within the Fedora tomcat package.