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eBPF worker bee

Fedora eBPF Special Interest Group


The goal of this SIG is to help the folks working on eBPF development and adoption, and evangelize and promote its usage in a community within Fedora.

Why eBPF

What makes eBPF stand out? It's a robust, all-purpose framework that enables the execution of sandboxed programs within the kernel. Its applications are diverse, spanning networking, monitoring, tracing, and security.

In today's cloud ecosystem, the demand for low-level system access is rising to enhance observability, security, and networking for applications. Although historically implemented in user space, there's a shift towards embedding these features directly into the kernel for improved performance. Enter eBPF, a technology in the Linux Kernel, simplifying dynamic program loading with a Just-In-Time compiler.

While versatile, eBPF's development and deployment complexities, especially in multi-node systems like Kubernetes clusters, led to the creation of bpfd—a system daemon streamlining eBPF program management. This SIG group is topics such as solutions, orchestration, deployment and development of eBPF programs.


This SIG is organized around the @ebpf-sig FAS group:

Our real-time chat channel is on Matrix:

We aim to maintain a set of add-on packages for supporting eBPF program development and orchestration that will be hosted in COPR