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This page is a brainstorming placeholder for the i3 SIG. This includes long-term goals, ideas, or other things we are thinking about as a SIG.

Package Group

One of the first goals for this SIG is to create an official Package Group that is a base installation for an i3wm workstation. Ideas for packages are below.


These will be the packages that will be installed by `sudo dnf install @i3-minimal` and it's intended to bring a minimal number of packages to be able to launch i3wm and control/configure the workstation.

i3 (core)

  • i3
  • i3lock
  • i3status
  • dmenu
  • dunst (notifications)
  • lightdm (display manager)
  • Group: @base-x
  • urxvt (virtual terminal)


  • nmcil


  • pactl
  • alsamixer

Power management


  • GUI theming app
    • lxappareance
  • xbrightlight (brightlight)
  • htop
  • nitrogen (or azote)
  • azote (or nitrogen)


These will be the packages that will be installed by `sudo dnf install @i3-extended` and it's intended to have several extra tools to control and configure the i3wm. These packages aren't essential to run i3wm but they improve the experience of the users.

i3 (core)

  • rofi
  • morc


  • nm-applet


  • pavucontrol / pavucontrol-qt

Power management

  • powertop


  • ARandR
  • conky
  • i3status-rs
  • font-awesome
  • alacritty (needs to be packaged)
  • tmux
  • xarchiver
  • qutebrowser
  • st (need to choose between alacritty and st)
  • py3status
  • nitrogen (or azote)
  • azote (or nitrogen)


ATM, nasirhm have been working in an ISO, that is based on the XFCE, so next steps for the ISO should be (but this should be parallel work and it's ahead of timing):

  • Decide the test matrix to be run.
  • Test the RC iso against the decided matrix.
  • If pass then pass the ISO to QA.

The other thread we should be working on is about the package list, the packaging and the package group. There was an idea to run a survey (google docs was proposed) to gather insights from people. This needs to be decided, so a poll will be created in a pagure issue to the members to vote about how to conduct that survey.

From there, we will put our fate on defolos hand to help us help him to package and create the package groups.