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This page will contain some useful instructions about how you can safely login into Fedora internal machines successfully using a PubAuthKey authentication.

Steps to reproduce

First of all:

cd /home/user/.ssh
touch config && nano config

Note: You'll need to create an entry for every internal machine you plan to log in to.

Note2: This example is valid only if you are trying to login into puppet01 to commit your changes to Infrastructure's Puppet tree. (see Note1)

then, edit it as it follows:

Host puppet01 puppet1
   Hostname %h (or if it doesn't resolve, go ahead to the troubleshooting section) 
   User FASUID (you don't need this if your local UID and your FAS one correspond)
   ProxyCommand ssh -q /usr/bin/nc %h 22


  • 'nc: getaddrinfo: Name or service not known', replace Hostname %h with Hostname (this is puppet's IP, so it will be different by machine to machine)
  • if your local UID is different from the one registered in FAS, please remember to set up a User variable (like above) where you specify your FAS UID. If that's missing SSH will try to login by using your local UID, thus it will fail.