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Built by the Fedora Marketing team
The Fedora Marketing team built this interview as part of their work promoting the latest and greatest free and open source software technologies that Fedora brings with each new release. If you're interested in participating in Fedora, visit to get started.

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Interview Questions

Stephen, please tell us a bit about yourself. Who are you, and what do you do?

I'm here to talk to you today about the System Security Services Daemon (also known as SSSD). Can you give us a brief description of SSSD - what it is, and what it does?

Okay. Let's talk about SSSD from a few different user angles. First - let's pretend that I am an average end user. How will SSSD be useful to me? How do I interact with it - if at all - and is its integration into my environment going to be transparent if I am a new user?

This sounds great - but my site's system administrator doesn't know about SSSD. What are the reasons I should give to him or her about why SSSD is going to be great for my coworkers and me?

Alright -- let's switch gears a bit here and put me in the role of that system administrator. What types of authentication and identity servers are supported by SSSD? Can you talk briefly about each type?

What kind of a process would a sysadmin have to go through to get SSSD working in their environment?

I understand that SSSD had a test day in March. Can you tell me how that worked? What kinds of problems were you able to solve by having a lot of community members participating in testing all at once?

Who else works on SSSD? Do you have code contributions coming from other people?

Tell me about the information that is available on SSSD. Do you have a wiki page, documentation, mailing list, or any other places people can go to find out more about SSSD?

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