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The Fedora Scholarship program recognizes one high school senior per year for contributions to the Fedora Project and free software/content in general.


The Fedora Scholarship is intended to assist in the recipient's college or university education. To this end, the recipient will receive $2,000 USD per year for each of the four years that he/she is in college.

Additionally, the recipient will receive funding for travel and lodging at the FUDCon nearest to his/her location each year of the scholarship, should he/she choose to attend.


For applicants

  • December 15, 2009 -- Application window opens.
  • February 19, 2010 -- Last day to apply.
  • by April 5, 2010 -- Recipient will be notified privately, and preparations for public announcement (interview, press release) will begin.
  • by May 31, 2010 -- Public announcement of the recipient, in conjunction with the release of Fedora 13.

For selection committee

  • Date TBA -- Each member of the selection committee reviews the applications, weighs the merits of each along with the criteria, and writes a few paragraphs to the rest of the committee indicating their thinking.
  • Date TBA -- discussion continues, and if we have not reached a consensus by email, a conference call will be set up in order to make a final decision.
  • April 5, 2010 -- according to the Terms and Conditions, the recipient will be notified by this date.
  • Date TBA -- by this date, a postmortem will be conducted with ideas on improvements to this program for the next year, including marketing, selection criteria, the selection process itself, etc.


Students who will begin an undergraduate degree program at a college or university in Fall of 2010 are eligible to apply.

Please review the full terms & conditions of the 2010 Fedora Scholarship program.

How to apply

To apply, email scholarship AT fedoraproject DOT org. Attachments should be provided in .txt, .pdf, or Open Office format. Include "Fedora Scholarship Application" in the subject line.

The application should include:

  1. name, age, and Fedora Account System username.
  2. a resume, including contributions to Fedora or other free software projects.
  3. a personal statement indicating why you would like to be considered for the scholarship. 500-1000 words is an appropriate length.
  4. the names and contact information of two references from within the Fedora Project. Those references may not be part of the Selection Committee (below).
  5. (optional) the names and contact information of one or two other references you would like the selection committee to contact.

Selection Criteria

The selection committee will judge applicants based on quality of contributions made to Fedora and other free software projects, references provided, the amount of time the applicant has been contributing to Fedora, and the quality of the application.

Selection Committee

The 2010 selection committee will be announced in late December.

The 2009 selection committee was:

All previous recipients of the Fedora Scholarship have the option to serve on the selection committee.

Previous recipients


The Fedora Scholarship is administered by Mel Chua of Red Hat's Community Architecture team. For what this entails (for future administrators as well as others curious about how to offer a similar scholarship program) see the Scholarship administration SOP.