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= Scott Harvanek =
= Scott Harvanek =

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{{Template:Important}} Fedora Ambassador for [ Tucson Arizona] , USA
{{Template:Important}} Fedora Ambassador for [ Tucson Arizona] , USA

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Scott Harvanek


Important.png Fedora Ambassador for Tucson Arizona , USA

Hi, my name is Scott Harvanek. I've recently joined up with the Fedora project to help get the word out along with hopefully provide some valuable software to the project. Professionally I work for a Business Voice and Data provider by the name of Login . As well as co-own a company by the name of SPEAKservers LLC which does Teamspeak online voice hosting. I am the Fedora Ambassador for Tucson, Arizona.


Activities within Fedora

  • FreeMedia Project
  • Attempting to start packaging as well