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Below, there is a first release available!

Here, you can find an extract of the currently included applications. If you have any recommendations or suggestions, please let me know. The size of the .iso image is at the moment approximately 695 MB. And here is the kickstart file: File:SebastianDziallas Education livecd-fedora-8-education-final.ks

For the application, which are currently not marked to be included on the CD, there is a script available, which installs them directly from the internet.

If you are interested in education, please join the our SIG !

applications included on the live cd (core):

name of application short description
desktop environment
gnome the gnome desktop
office apps
abiword lightweight word processor
dia diagram creation program
gnumeric spreadsheet software
internet apps
firefox standard web browser
pidgin instant messenger
thunderbird mail application
educational apps
childsplay games for children
drgeo geometry
genchemlab chemistry
tuxtype2 typing tutor
scientific apps
galculator chemistry
gchempaint chemistry
gnome-chemistry-utils chemistry
gonvert unit converter
audio & video
totem music player for gnome
gimp image manipulation
tuxpaint painting program for young children
tsclient rdesktop & vnc interface

applications not included on the live cd, but available via a script (extras):

office apps
scribus desktop publishing
taskjuggler project management
educational apps
gcompris suite for children
kalgebra mathematics
kdeedu educational suite
marble geographical map (included in kdeedu in f9)
solfege musical education
stardict dictionary platform
stellarium astronomy
wxmaxima computer algebra system
atomix chemical game
enigma oxyd-like game
audio & video
jokosher audio editor
blender modelling of 3D figures
inkscape vector drawing program

educational applications, which are available for manual download using yum:

office apps
kdissert mindmapping for kde
vym planning & drawing
educational apps
celestia planetarium software
grass geographic information system
scientific apps
chemtool drawing chemical structures
gperiodic periodic system
labplot data analysis
octave language for numerical computations
pythoncad cad
qalculate calculator with gtk or qt interface
qcad cad
xaos interactive fractal zoomer
lincity-ng city simulation
audio & video
audacity audio editor
hydrogen drum machine
rosegarden4 audio + midi sequencer
skencil vector drawing program
xfig drawing program
bluefish editor for programmers
kile kde latex editor

ghemical and skynet are currently not part of Fedora 8

TBD: planner