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There is no documentation here.
This page is about planning and organizing work on Fedora Server documentation.
Server Documentation Team


Content to start with

Page author Reviewer Status
Landing Page pboy none yet "beta"
Server Installation pboy nirik ready
Installation on SBC pboy none work in progress
Server Administration pboy none "beta"
Server Post installation tasks pboy nirik ready
Server Virtualisation pboy none "beta"
Add Virtualisation Support pboy none "beta"
VMs based on Cloud Images pboy none "beta"
FAQ copperi none "beta"
Communicating and Getting Help copperi none "beta"

The next steps

  • Concretization of the planning. We need
    • a rough overall plan of the content
    • exemplary topics / themes
    • to find contributors / authors
  • Set up Working Environment
    • Staging Area
    • Preparation of publishing pipelines
  • Define Milestones
    • Most important: minimum requirement for going online

Preliminary planning proposal

Recently I came across an informative article: : "What is good documentation for software projects?" It's not brand new, but it's a good summary of what to look for in a documentation project.


We need skill sets from multiple roles 

  • Authors/Writers with a deep understanding of the software being described, who create texts, of course
  • Information Architects who understands how to structure material
  • Reviewers with a deep understanding of the software being described, who ensure technical correctness
  • Editor/Reader, especially English native speakers, who proofread the wording and spelling
  • Administrator who keeps up the build pipelines and correct web formatting and presentation
  • Coordinator, who keeps an eye on the overall plan and helps to align all the processes and people


Notes on the structure of the texts. For example, it would be necessary to regulate:

  • Specification of author(s), date of creation, last update, Fedora version with which representations were tested.
  • Start with a short summary of the subject matter, objective and desired outcome. (paragraph of 2-3 sentences)
  • Divide longer sequences into sections with subheadings and short explanations
  • Provide each step with a brief explanation/justification, if possible, a general instruction structure and a concrete example.

Overall Conceptualization of Server Documentation Content

As a first Draft we may discuss (See also: A first draft of a proposal for a concept to improve documentation)

  • Navigation Items
    • Home / Landing Page Fedora Server Documentation
    • Post-installation Procedures / Security Hardening
    • Fedora Server Example Use Cases
    • Tutorials
    • Trouble Shooting Guide / Known Issues
    • People, policies, and Working Methods
  • Details Home / Landing Page
  • Details Post Installation
  • Details Example Use Cases
  • Details Tutorials
  • Details People, Policies, ...