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This page is outdated and is only retained for historical reference
Fedora 21+ has a Server flavor. This deprecates the need for a Server Spin

Server Spin


Server spin is targeted on those, who want to use Fedora on servers.


Detailed Description

Server spin provides installation media with server packages in following categories:

  • web server (httpd)
  • databases (postgresql, mysql)
  • file server (samba, nfs)
  • network services (dns, dhcp, ftp, tftp, ...)

Benefit to Fedora

Cover another use case and attract another audience. Make Fedora ready for deployment on various kinds of servers, incl. home file servers, web servers, etc.

Kickstart File

  • kickstart is now generated by a script in order to include packages marked optional in comps

ISO Name / FS Label

ISO name: Fedora-%{ver}-%{arch}-Server FS-Label: Fedora-%{ver}-%{arch}-Server


No deps outside Fedora.

Scope / Testing

  • Keep dependency tree sane.

Comments and Discussion