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Software Collections

Not approved for Fedora Packages
Please note that official Fedora packages must not be configured as Software Collection packages. Fedora does not permit relocatable packages, packages using hierarchies that conflict or violate the FHS, or packages storing files in /opt. This document is NOT part of the Fedora Packaging Guidelines, and is only here should you wish to generate unofficial Software Collections against Fedora in a third-party repository.

What are Software Collections?

The concept of Software Collections allows multiple versions of software to be installed at the same time without interfering in any negative way with the standard versions provided by the system. In other words, a Software Collection consists of several components that are "bundled" together and which are expected to work smoothly together without conflicting or overwriting any system files. Installation and updating of Software Collections is managed by RPM.

For detailed information on Software Collections, refer to the Fedora Software Collections Guide.