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(Who ?)
(Who ?)
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| [[User:Shaiton|Kévin Raymond]] || X || X || X  ||  || FR/EN
| [[User:Shaiton|Kévin Raymond]] || X || X || X  ||  || FR/EN
| [[User:Llaumgui|Guillaume Kulakowski]] || X || X || X  ||  || FR/EN

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General Information

Where and When

CNIT - Paris La Défense - Hall Marie Curie, 2 Place Défense 92800 Puteaux The 10, 11 and 12 of May 2010.

Who ?

First, sign up here.

Name Tuesday 16st Wednesday 17st Thursday 18st Description Languages
Kévin Raymond X X X FR/EN
Guillaume Kulakowski X X X FR/EN

Booth organization

Booth presence

Material to bring

Item Who Observations
A liveUSB creation station Kévin Raymond
USB sticks Kévin Raymond
LiveCDs Kévin Raymond F-14
Banners / kakemono Kévin Raymond
Other goodies Pens, badges, stickers, flyers, everything we have...
Membership forms to join Fedora-Fr Print a handful of them

We should also design nice flyers showing our next event, the Fedora 15 Release Party!


Subject Owner Ready Observations
Fedora 15 features slideshow TBD open
Pinguino and FEL Kévin Raymond TBD Build demos around Pinguino
Anything you want to show You! open


Feel free to ask us about lodging under #fedora-paris in Freenode.

  • People needing hosting:
    • you!
  • People being able to host someone else:
    • me?



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