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South East Asia Translation Challenge 2016/2017

South East Asia Translation Challenge 2016/2017

Situation in General: That not just Fedora as well all the other FOSS projects have not many asian contributors is no secret. Foundations for that is simple, that they have more interest in "earning money", thats why organizations like TechStars ( have here more success. Second reason is, that they are easier addressed by branding. Google has here more success with his Developer Community also, because of the big well known name. Third reason is more technical nature, pc and laptop/notebooks are not very common here. Smartphones are more common. Its not that they havent enough money to buy one or have older hardware as some always say, its the opposite, they have a lot of Apple here I can assure you that.

Situation in Translation: As we havent enough contributors in general, the translation into the languages of the area lacks. Bhasa, 39%, Malay 10%, Vietnamese is 7% translated, Khmer nearly 8%, Thai 18%, Laotian no translation, Burmese no translation. I had a while ago with Matthew an conversation and we marked out, that one of the first steps we should do in the region is to translate, so that we can reach the users easier. I think we all agree on that. The situation is, that the translation has mostly stopped for this languages, there is no realy progress. We established now with our presence at the BarCamp Yangon a team which can start to translate, but I fear without motivation there will be no progress. Thats the expierience I have here, I do a translation sprint, where some people come we make some progress but then they not continue. So I would have to do another one to keep it going. Its ineffective, I reach hardly 5 participants in a sprint and I have to organize a venue, refreshments and do a lot of marketing that some come.

Solution: an special Activity Day (weekend) in the region, to win new contributors for translation and create awareness for Fedora.


*Brunei (not necessary malay and english)
*East Timor 	
*Malaysia (good stage of translation)
*Singapore (not necessary malay and english)

Date & Location

December 2016 - January 2017 - February 2017 (on weekend in this time frame, decision will follow up) Ideally this should happen during open translation Windows. For languages with 0% translation status this is not a blocker.

Event Budget

will be written later, part of the budget comes from the regional budget of APAC, decision after FAD in Indonesia in June 2016



  • Introduction to Fedora
  • First Steps as Fedora Contributor
  • Introduction to Translation and Zanata


  • Translation Challenge


  • Translation Challenge