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  • ...would be easier to use cryptodisk functionality if it were configurable by anaconda. This can be considered for future releases, after allowing time to straigh ...// (primarily a UX change)
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  • ...Spins website], an ongoing redesign project, the new Anaconda installer storage redesign, the authconfig GTK redesign, and a project to g ...bspot. In the past he was a Red Hat engineer, the longtime maintainer for Anaconda, and a founding member of the Fedora Extras steering committee.
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  • update on Fedora 13 wallpaper and a discussion around user experience (UX) groups and the design team. This issue wraps up with an overview of the Release notes: Does Anaconda create a separate /home only if the available space is more than 50 GB? Su
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  • marked as part of particular group. Also support of pseudo-user (how anaconda team use it) could be better, but this won't be needed if groups would be s ...we need is layered platform - the minimal one, even without X-server, the UX one - with X-server, Gtk, Qt, that all spins should implement and build use
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  • ...have been replaced by ELF in a lot of systems such as Linux, Syllable, HP-UX, Solaris, IRIX, DragonFly BSD, etc. (all Unix-like operating systems). Ther # Created by anaconda on Mon Nov 30 16:51:58 2009
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