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This page describes the DOs and DONTs for Spins being submitted for review to the Spin SIG .

This document should also include guidelines with regards to the snippet layout as proposed in Kickstart Pool .

DOs and DONTs

  • All bits on the spin concept MUST be in Fedora. This can either be a released tree, the release's corresponding updates tree, or rawhide.
  • The spin concept MUST be tested thoroughly before submitting it to the Spin SIG for technical review.
  • If the spin is to be included in the coming release, the spin MUST be composed on rawhide, using the compose tools in rawhide, and the packages from rawhide.
  • Installation from the spin, whether a Live Spin or an Install Spin, MUST work.
Stop (medium size).png
Fixing packages or applications on the Spin is not allowed. A fix goes upstream.

Live Spins

  • The Live Spin concept MUST be composed using a kickstart configuration.
  • The Live Spin MUST include the one of the base kickstarts, which is designed to make the Live Spin work. Exceptions may be granted by the Spins SIG on request.
    • fedora-live-base.ks
    • fedora-live-desktop.ks
    • fedora-live-kde-base.ks
    • fedora-live-mini.ks
    • fedora-livecd-desktop.ks
    • fedora-livecd-kde.ks
  • The kickstart MUST be valid.
  • HINT: Use ksflatten to see if all %include statements work properly. You probably shouldn't use absolute file paths.
  • HINT: Use ksvalidator to see if all directives used are valid.
  • The Live Spin MUST be maintained for the remainder of it's lifecycle.
  • The Live Spin MUST fit on a CD (700MB, preferably a little smaller), or DVD (4.3GB, preferably a little smaller).
  • A Live Spin that fits on a CD should use part / 4096, which is in the base kickstart already.
  • A Live Spin that fits on a DVD should use part / 8192, overriding the base kickstart default.
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Do NOT change the default behavior of applications. An example is to configure Nautilus to use the "Browser mode" by default. There may be valid reasons to change parts of the application, but you'll need to discuss them with the Spin SIG in your proposal.
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Do NOT remove anaconda from the package set as it is a requirement for the liveinstall feature that comes with Live Media.

Localized Spins

  • Checkmark.png Other then locale, timezone and keyboard settings, and language-specific packages, the Localized Spin must match the upstream Live Spin you based the Localized Live Spin on. You can change the following things:
  • lang
  • keyboard
  • timezone
  • @*-support package selections (languages) in the %packages manifest
  • aspell-*/hunspell-* package selections in the %packages manifest
  •* package selections in the %packages manifest
  • Package selection to meet the size as well as local hardware, software and cultural requirements.
  • Additionally, you might need to specify a %post script to have the desktop environment use the correct keyboard layout, now that xorg.conf is gone.

Installation Spins

  • No notes on Installation Spins yet.

Additional Reading