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The Spins Special Interest Group reviews, tests and approves Fedora Spins. Participants in this SIG are delegates from QA, Release Engineering, the Fedora Project Board, Infrastructure and FESCo as well as spin owners.

What is it we do?

The purpose of the Spins SIG is to oversee the development of an evolving set of technical best practices to be applied to all community spin concepts. The Spins SIG will also oversee the continued maintenance of approved community spins in the Kickstart Pool, and will regulate the use of any infrastructure as it becomes available for use for the Spins SIG. For example, webspace at will be made available for spin descriptions. New spin concepts first come to the Spins SIG for discussion and technical review. Once the Spins SIG comes to a consensus as to technical merit, the benefit to Fedora, and the overall feasibility of a proposed spin, that spin concept is passed to the Board for final trademark approval.


Tracker Pages:

README Documents

These are the pages the Spins SIG maintains.

Tracking Spins SIG tasks

Test spins

  • Nightly builds from the kickstart files in the git repository. These are what will be available for the alpha and beta release for alternate spins (those under the Spins SIG).
  • Kickstart files are available from the spin-kickstarts git repository.


We had been meeting at 2000 UTC in #fedora-meeting-2, but we seem to have stopped again.

Mailing List

  • spins (Archives)
    • Low traffic
    • Commit notices for spin-kickstarts git repo are posted
    • Trac ticket change messages are posted

Wish List

  • A way to install spins into an existing install.
    • What exactly this would mean needs to be worked out first.
      • Just packages and no special setup?
      • Would this just add packages to the current install, or possibly remove some?
      • Would there be any way to remove a spin once it was installed?