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  1. Finalizing Spins Process, vote
    • Writing up details on the Wiki, where necessary
    • Writing our Spins_SIG_Review_Checklist, and what to do if something isn't covered
    • Maintainer responsiveness and responsibilities for current releases
    • Checklist of DOs and DONTs, SHOULDs and SHOULD NOTs
  2. Set our final meeting time and schedule, vote
  3. Determine our workflow (using the spin-kickstarts Trac instance?)
    • Determine milestones based on development cycle and spins procedure
    • Determine tasks and responsibility for those tasks
    • Branching and tagging (based on milestones to be determined)
    • Creating daily spins for compose tests and reporting results
    • Having maintainers (re-)create spins regularly for tests and collecting results
  4. Determine our process for recurring releases and reviewing current spins for the upcoming release
  5. Current Spins Requests:
  6. Review of all current spins
    • Who's the maintainer of each spin, and where can we reach them?
    • Fedora AOS
    • Fedora
    • Fedora Developer
    • Fedora Education Math
    • Fedora Electronic Lab
    • Fedora Games
    • Fedora Sugar
    • Fedora XFCE