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When the release has been fully tested and approved at the "Go/No-Go" meeting it is ready for release to the Fedora mirrors.


1. Sign the DVD/CD shasum files by starting from the compose host:

$ cd /srv/pungi/13.rc4/Fedora/; for arch in *; do cat \ 
$arch/iso/*CHECKSUM > /tmp/sum && sigul sign-text -o /tmp/signed \
fedora-13 /tmp/sum && sudo mv /tmp/signed \
$arch/iso/Fedora-13-$arch-CHECKSUM; done

2. While remaining on the compose host, sign the spins:

$ cd /srv/pungi/live/13.rc4/; for dir in *; do pushd $dir; \ 
    echo "# The image checksum(s) are generated with sha256sum." > \
    $(basename `pwd`)-CHECKSUM && echo "# The PGP checksum uses sha1sum." >> \
    $(basename `pwd`)-CHECKSUM && sha256sum -b $(basename `pwd`).iso >> \
    $(basename `pwd`)-CHECKSUM && sigul sign-text -o $(basename `pwd`)-CHECKSUM \
    fedora-13 $(basename `pwd`)-CHECKSUM && cat *-CHECKSUM && rm *CHECKSUM~; \
    popd; done

3. Prepare the master mirror by logging into releng2:

$ ssh <fas-username>
$ ssh releng2
$ sudo -u ftpsync mkdir -p /pub/fedora/linux/releases/13/{Fedora,Everything,Live} 
$ sudo -u ftpsync chmod 700 /pub/fedora/linux/releases/13/

4. Synchronize the Everything tree with the mirrors from releng2:

$ sudo -u ftpsync rsync -rlptDHhv --progress --stats --exclude images/ - \
    --exclude EFI --exclude isolinux --exclude .treeinfo \
    --exclude .discinfo - --link-dest=/pub/fedora/linux/development/13/ \
    /mnt/koji/mash/branched-20100518/13/ \

5. Synchronize the Fedora tree with the mirrors from releng2:

$ sudo -u ftpsync rsync -rlptDHhv --progress --stats - \
    --link-dest=/pub/fedora/linux/development/13/ \
    jkeating@compose-x86-01:/srv/pungi/13.RC4/Fedora/ \ 

6. Synchronize the Live images with the mirrors from releng2:

$ sudo -u ftpsync rsync -rlptDHhv --progress --stats --exclude \*.log \
    jkeating@compose-x86-01:/srv/pungi/live/Fedora-13-i686-Live{,-KDE}/ \

7. Change file permissionsOpen for mirrors (also known as the mirror stage bit flip) on releng2:

$ sudo -u ftpsync chmod 750 /pub/fedora/linux/releases/13


Verification is somewhat difficult as one cannot look at the content via the web server due to permissions. Typically we ask somebody from the Infrastructure team to give the tree a second set of eyes.

Consider Before Running

Hope the release is good!