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Fedora项目本身由数量丰富的子项目构成。这些子项目共享它们的资源,并且作为社区的一部分共同造就了Fedora。如果您想了解更多有关子项目的定义,把它们与社区内的活动分开,请您查阅项目定义页面。 我们也尝试定义所有Fedora项目团队的基本规则,以便建立一套针对开发质量的评级标准,深化对Fedora项目整体的理解。欲了解更多细节,请您查阅项目定义页面。

Fedora 文档项目

Fedora文档项目 (通常被称之为文档项目)为Fedora用户提供有价值的文档和参考资料。

Fedora 本地化项目


Fedora 推广项目


Fedora 大使

Fedora 大使通过在基层的推广和开展线下交流活动推广Fedora项目。

Fedora 设计项目

Fedora 设计项目 (formerly known as the Artwork Team) is responsible for enhancing the look and feel of the Fedora Project through graphics and sound.

Fedora 基础设施项目

Fedora 基础设施项目 provides and maintains many of the critical technologies that keep the Fedora Project running.

Fedora 网站项目

The Fedora 网站项目, an initiative under Fedora Infrastructure, aims to develop and maintain the Fedora Project formal websites and to coordinate with community websites.

Fedora 国际化项目

Fedora 国际化项目 (简称i18n)致力于让Fedora在非英语用户中有良好体验。

Fedora 新闻项目

The Fedora 新闻项目 is where we collect, discuss, and disseminate news for the Fedora Project. This is the starting point and ending point for news and information activities in Fedora. As of 2007-04-02, Fedora Weekly Reports have been replaced by Fedora Weekly News.

Fedora 分发项目

The Fedora 分发项目 manages the various aspects of distributing Fedora on physical media. This includes managing the programs that distribute Fedora on physical media and organizing and maintaining information from vendors.

Fedora 特别兴趣小组