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= Fedora Sugar =
#REDIRECT [[Sugar on a Stick]]
== Summary ==
This spin incorporates the Sugar Desktop Environment, which makes it possible to utilize the same user interface used on the OLPC, but directly on a Fedora Live CD.
== Owner(s) ==
* Name: [[User:sdz| SebastianDziallas]]
* email: sdz AT fedoraproject DOT org
* Name: MarcoPesentiGritti
* email: marcopg AT sugarlabs DOT org
== Detailed Description ==
Sugar is a special environment targeted at educational purposes and following a philosophy of simplicity. It's being developed by [| Sugar Labs] and written in Python. The spin includes the desktop environment, but also the so-called activities: For example, you'll be able to browse the internet, check your e-mails (using the alpine terminal client), write documents, chat online, learn programming and do more stuff...
== Benefit to Fedora ==
Sugar is used by the OLPC Project. Having Sugar in Fedora is special. And giving users the possibility to run Sugar from a Live CD, which is based on Fedora, is even better. That way, we don't only help Fedora, but spread both technologies - Fedora and Sugar - together and allow our users to test a pre-configured version of the Sugar Desktop Environment directly from the CD.
== Kickstart File ==;a=blob;f=fedora-livecd-sugar.ks
== ISO Name / FS Label ==
* Fedora-11-i686-Sugar
* Fedora-11-x86_64-Sugar
== Dependencies ==
To build:
* livecd-tools
There are no further dependencies right now: Additional activities might be included once they come into Fedora, but they don't directly affect the spin or its dependencies.
Further apps:
* liveusb-creator
The Sugar Spin has been added to the [| liveusb-creator], which is also the reason why HTTP hosting would be needed (also see comments below): The users will be able to directly download the spin and have it put onto their USB key.
== Scope / Testing ==
List of included apps:
* sugar desktop environment group (including activities)
* alpine e-mail client
* slim login manager
The testing might be coordinated with the [[OLPC|OLPC SIG]], which could help, especially with the activities.
Slim needs a modification in slim.conf to login the user automatically. This is currently done via %post, but would be probably better added to the fedora-live-base.ks, since this isn't the only spin using it.
== Comments and Discussion ==
* This spin has already been approved by the board in the past [].
* We'd need HTTP hosting, as mentioned above. The spin has currently a home here [].
* See [[Talk:Sugar_Spin]] 

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