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Fedora Sugar


This spin incorporates the Sugar Desktop Environment, which makes it possible to utilize the same user interface used on the OLPC, but directly on a Fedora Live CD.


  • Name: SebastianDziallas
  • email: sdz AT fedoraproject DOT org
  • Name: MarcoPesentiGritti
  • email: marcopg AT sugarlabs DOT org

Detailed Description

Sugar is a special environment targeted at educational purposes and following a philosophy of simplicity. It's being developed by Sugar Labs and written in Python. The spin includes the desktop environment, but also the so-called activities: For example, you'll be able to browse the internet, check your e-mails (using the alpine terminal client), write documents, chat online, learn programming and do more stuff...

Benefit to Fedora

Sugar is used by the OLPC Project. Having Sugar in Fedora is special. And giving users the possibility to run Sugar from a Live CD, which is based on Fedora, is even better. That way, we don't only help Fedora, but spread both technologies - Fedora and Sugar - together and allow our users to test a pre-configured version of the Sugar Desktop Environment directly from the CD.

Kickstart File;a=blob;f=fedora-livecd-sugar.ks

ISO Name / FS Label

  • Fedora-11-i686-Sugar
  • Fedora-11-x86_64-Sugar


To build:

  • livecd-tools

There are no further dependencies right now: Additional activities might be included once they come into Fedora, but they don't directly affect the spin or its dependencies.

Further stuff:

  • http hosting
  • liveusb-creator (for the users)

The Sugar Spin has been added to the liveusb-creator, which is the reason why http hosting would be needed: The users will be able to directly download the spin and have it put onto their USB key. Currently, the spin has found a home here: [1].

Scope / Testing

List of included apps:

  • sugar desktop environment group (including activities)
  • alpine e-mail client
  • slim login manager

The testing might be coordinated with the OLPC SIG, which could help, especially with the activities.

Slim needs a modification in slim.conf to login the user automatically. This is currently done via %post, but would be probably better added to the fedora-live-base.ks, since this isn't the only spin using it.

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