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* liveusb-creator instructions go here
* liveusb-creator instructions go here
=== Support tab ===
=== Support tab ===

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Sugar on a Stick


Sugar on a Stick is a Sugar environment that you can carry in your pocket.


This spin is a joint project of Fedora Mini and Fedora OLPC.

Detailed Description

See the spin description.

Benefit to Fedora

Sugar on a Stick, as a solution itself, will give Fedora a stronger standing. Through using the Sugar on a Stick name, a recognized and acclaimed brand, Fedora will significantly benefit from having Sugar on a Stick as an official spin. As outlined in the Sugar 0.88 feature description, this spin will allow us to capture the interest in developing for OLPC and Sugar Labs on the Fedora platform.

Kickstart File

ISO Name / FS Label

  • sugar-on-a-stick-{%soas-version}-%{arch}

For Fedora 13, SoaS is at version 3.


  • designed and tested web page for the packagekit browser plugin
  • upstreamed version of the boot screen
  • approved fedora-mini-base.ks file
  • packaged ds-backup tools

Scope / Testing

This is being covered on the Sugar 0.88 feature page.

Spins Page

How to help:
We're aiming for a site for this spin that looks like the ones at - so this is going to involve (1) figuring out the content and design (use the wiki sections below) - the Spin owner(s) will be helpful for answering questions here, but remember that you are driving the creation if this webpage - and (2) creating the webpage itself, for which the Websites team is also likely to be helpful, though you may need to be creative in terms of finding ways to contact them. They're usually responsive on IRC and on their mailing list, though you may need to use the list to schedule specific times for people to be online if you would like to engage in real-time conversation, due to the many timezones contributors live in. The Websites team can point you towards the HTML template for spins websites so you'll have something to customize, and Mel Chua is happy to teach HTML in person any evening before April 10th if it would be helpful.
Be bold.
Feel free to edit this page; there is an "undo" button, which is the "history" tab at the top of this page; if you click there you'll go to a page where you can roll back any edits you've made). Add new sections. Edit old ones. Take these notes out. Clean it up and make it useful. This page is yours to create - it's everyone's to create.


Enable children to reclaim computers.

Spin description

Sugar on a Stick (SoaS) enables children to reclaim computers. SoaS aims to make it easy for children, parents, or local deployers to provide each student with a small device (USB stick or thumbdrive) that can starts any computer with the student's personalized Sugar environment. We would like to see Sugar's presence, journal, and clarity principles usable on any machine — at school, at home, and anywhere there is a suitable computing device. Sugar on a Stick starts up ("boots") the host computer directly, without touching the hard disk; however, it may be necessary to adjust the computer's settings to look for a USB device before the hard disk.


Download tab

Support tab

While we hope that Sugar on a Stick works flawlessly for you, if you do run into any problems, there are several forums for seeking help. The first place to go with a question is our community bug-tracking portal. There you will find answers to frequently asked questions, too. We also have a help page, mailing lists, this wiki, and an IRC channel: #sugar (See help using IRC).

Custom branding

  • To be worked out with Fedora and Sugar Labs design teams.

Comments and Discussion